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The Scanlon Family

Our family misses Pat/Dad/Grandpa very much!  We have put together some pictures and memories below.

Some of our favorite memories:

On Sunday mornings, sometimes we would go to our Dad's house and he would make pancakes for us and all the grandkids. (This was the only time he cooked!)

Our Dad went to just about every football, basketball or any other game we played in.  He coached our grammer school track team.

He loved the Cleveland Browns.  Even after suffering through the "The Drive", "The Fumble", and "The Cardiac Kids" he still watched them whenever they were on in Chicago (which thankfully wasn't too often before cable and Satellite!)

He loved the Cleveland Indians too, which he called "The Tribe".  He was lucky enough to have his team play in the World Series in 1948, 1954, 1995, and 1997 and actually win it in 1948.  John and Pat went out to Cleveland for the World Series in 95 and 97.  Unfortunately, Cleveland didn't win it those years!

He got into painting when all the kids moved out.  It was amazing how good he was.

He loved dogs!  Over the years we had Duke, Buddy, Trixie, Chuck and Murphy. 

On Saturday mornings, he would go in for rounds at the hospital at 7:00 am.  In high school we would all sleep in no matter what our Mom would say to try to get us to get up.  But when we heard that garage door open we were dressed and downstairs in about two seconds!

He loved going back to Cleveland to see his family and cousins.  His cousin Fr. Tom Mahoney played the bagpipes and was nice enough to participate in John and Julie's wedding.

Our main homework he helped us with was math.  He could do any problem in two seconds and couldn't understand why we didn't get it!

He took us camping in Jelly Stone park in Wisconsin one year.  We ended up parking on the top of this hill that overlooked the freeway.  It rained the whole weekend and he was worried about the camper rolling down the hill.  He never slept and was constantly stacking bricks and stones behind the tires.  We never went camping again.

Actually there was one other time he went camping.  John and Pat took a three day trip rafting in Utah after high school graduation.  We had a great time!

He told the Grandkids that he was only ticklish on his left eyebrow.  They would clammer all over him to try to tickle him.

He loved babies and was so happy when Kate's son Patrick was born just before he passed away.

Mom and Dad were very into St. Patrick's day!  They had some fun parties at home and tried to attend the parade down in Naples the last few years.

Mom and Dad really liked to dance.  They also danced at weddings, parties, bars, and even at home sometimes!

He never told us about any of his patients.  Every now and then someone would come up to you and tell you how much he had helped them and you would be amazed.

He loved to read books like murder mysteries and spy stories.

When we were kids we would be watching TV by ourselves and then there would be one bad part in the whole show (hardly bad compared to today's TV) and that would be the precise moment he would come in and tell us to "Turn off that garbage!" 

He loved to play games with the whole family.  We played monopoly, masterpiece, clue, yahtzee, pit, checkers, chinese checkers, and many others.  We played a lot of cards too like hearts and fan tan.  It broke our hearts when he wanted to play fan tan when he had brain cancer but had trouble putting the cards in order.

His favorite game was poker though.  Now and then he would have friends over for a poker game and we would sneak in and watch some games.  They had so many variations of the games like No Peaky and Night Baseball with multiple wild cards.  They would be laughing and laughing to see who could come up with the most ridiculous game.

When we lived at home he always made us go to Church on Sundays.

He thought a Jesuit education was the best.  He went to St. Ignatious High School in Cleveland, Xavier University in Cincinatti for college, and Loyola University Medical School outside Chicago - All schools run by the Jesuits.

He loved our Mom.  They were married for 43 years before he passed away.

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